Saturday, April 14, 2012

3:15 AM - No comments

He fiNally has A gIrlFriends...ermm :-(


 I do not know why...ermm
i feel sad ..
when I saw in  his........ 
Actually I know that he now has someone special....
 he forgot about me.. 
But i also do not know about my feelings towards him..
actually i always love him..
but not for today after him  ...hurt my feelings..
so fast you forgot about me..
why i so sad right now..

coz i see in his..
he actually in relationship with A....F
i do not know my feeling..
i cry...
i sad...
why should it happen to me... 
in my mind i thinks he has forgot about me and memory about us..
actually i still save his picture in my and laptop..
wht should i do..
DELETE..!!!!! tension right now...
i feel lonely right  now..